About the Journal

WR is a project of the IBPW created within the Winnicottian School of São Paulo to preserve, transmit and publish clinical and theoretical research on Winnicott's maturation theory and develop Winnicott’s intellectual legacy.

The project was created jointly with several IWA member-groups and will actively rely on collaboration from all of them and from researchers outside the IWA.
WR will be published on behalf of the IBPW by the DWWeditorial of the SBPW, and will require only personal registration to be accessed.

WR will use for publication an online platform, divided in three language channels, according to the influx of submission. It will differ from traditional collections of books by not having volumes. Differently from traditional journals it will not obey fixed periodicity nor will apportion articles by issue.

Initially, articles and other materials will be accepted for publication in any of the three languages – English, Portuguese and Mandarin – and editors and peer reviewers will assess submissions according to standard academic editorial criteria.

Conceptual Basis of the Project

According to the interpretation adopted initially by the Winnicottian School of São Paulo and later on by some other member-groups of IWA and researchers outside IWA, Winnicott legacy consists essentially of: 1) a project of a scientific revolution in several fields of clinical practices in which he was involved, based on his theories of maturational processes, maturational pathology and maturational therapy, 2) partial accomplishment of this project and 3) a plea from the end of his life for a revolution in the clinical practices mentioned.

Thus, one aim of WR is to articulate and further develop Winnicott’s revolutionary project as a set of new perspectives or, more precisely, as a series of scientific revolutionary shifts in pediatrics, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, social work, nursing, physiotherapy and education.

A second aim is to reconstruct Winnicott’s own contributions to the realization of this project. Special attention will be given to the variety of Winnicott’s professional activities and to his specific revolutionary moves in the fields mentioned.
The third aim is to help readers heed Winnicott’s plea and to understand it as an acknowledgement that the revolution he started is not finished and that he handed over to future generations the task to continue it as far as they may judge it reasonable and fruitful to do.

To this scientific and philosophical study and research program, respectful of Winnicott’s language and his theoretical and conceptual universe, proposed to drive the WR issues we want to add as an overarching purpose the promoting of the practice of the Winnicottian care-cure for the maturational disorders in our own difficult times, and in the future.